Please take note that Greyton Weekends is the booking agent for all of the establishments on the website and this is our primary function. Each and every one of our cottages has a designated House Manager, who is responsible for ensuring that the house is in perfect order and that all aspects, as laid out on the web pages of the cottage that you have booked, will meet with your expectations. Should you have any problems and/or complaints, your House Manager is the contact person (in conjunction with the cottage owner) to assist you with rectifying any area/s of your reasonable & valid complaint/s. Please ensure that you print your booking form in order to have the contact number/s of your House Manager before arrival in the village.


We endeavour to keep our rates the same throughout the year and continuously update rates to reflect same. However, please take note that cottage owners reserve the right to adjust their rates during holiday/festive periods from time to time. Please enquire.


Please take note that pet-friendly accommodation require that your pets are well trained, have their own sleeping bags, blankets and toys, that they do not jump onto furniture or sleep on beds/sofa’s and that they are “flea-free”. You will be responsible for cleaning after your pets, pick up their waste and ensure that the garden is left in the way that you have found it. We will exercise the right to hold you responsible for any damage caused by your pets.


You will notice that most of our cottages do not charge damage deposits however, we trust in your integrity to take care and look after the property together with the contents as you will do with your own and that you will replace/rectify any breakages and/or damages at your own cost, before your departure. We also rely on your honesty to notify us of any breakages/damages that could not be replaced or rectified during your stay and that you will take full responsibility to replace/rectify/compensate for, any such damages or breakages afterwards.


Please note that most of our self-catering establishments now run on a pre-paid electricity service and we allow 100 units electricity for a 2-4 night stay at any of our self-catering establishments. Should you use more that this limit, electricity usage will be for your own account and can be purchased online or in the village.


For self-catering establishments, the general check in time is after 14h00 on the day of arrival and check out by 10h00 on day of departure. However, these times are negotiable depending on other bookings and generally, if you check out on a Sunday, you can spend the day and do not have to depart by 10h00 unless another booking is coming in on that Sunday which rarely happens. Please take note of the different check-in and check-out times for the various establishments and earlier arrivals and later departures can only be arranged closer to the time of your booking, with your host/hostess/house manager.

For bed & Breakfast establishments, the general check-in time is 14h00 and check-out by 10h00. Although these times are set, please enquire with your Hotel/Bed & Breakfast Manager if an earlier arrival or later departure will be possible.


Greyton’s Cottages are highly sought after and losing business because of cancellations called for a cancellation policy that will be fare to both parties. Cottage owners are in agreement that once a deposit had been received, we unfortunately cannot refund your deposit, but we will give you the option to take up your booking at any other time that will suit both you and the cottage owner, within a period of 6 months and/or at the sole discretion of the cottage owner. However, cottage owners reserve the right to change this policy in the case of last minute cancellations, over long weekends, festivals and other popular weekends whereby you will forfeit your deposit and/or full payment depending on the notice period and the cottage owner. In the event of a cancellation whereby a refund is afforded on its own merits, a 15% cancellation fee will be charged on the full amount.

When you have made a booking for a certain period for which a deposit had been received and at a later stage change the booking for a shorter period, you might be liable for the full payment as per the original booking, depending on your notice period and cottage owner. The same applies when you have booked for more guests (where the rate is calculated per person) and less guests turn up – you might be liable for full payment for the original number of guests, depending on your notice period and cottage owner.


Please take note that all Lodges, Hotels and Bed & Breakfast establishments have their own cancellation policies in place. Please enquire to find out how this may affect your cancellation, if required.


Please take note that one night bookings over weekends in self-catering accommodation will have an additional surcharge, should the owner agree to it. Very few cottages accept a one night booking over a weekend or other busy times and preference will be given to two night bookings. The rate of the surcharge will depend on the normal rate of the cottage and whether your one night booking is during the week or over a weekend.


There is a common misconception that small country villages are free of crime. Unfortunately this is not the case and Greyton is no exception. For this reason it is important that you are aware of the security measures in and around Greyton. It is important that you set your alarms when you go out. You should also ensure that you do not leave doors and windows open and unlocked, even while you are in the residence. Crime in the village is largely opportunistic and an open door or window is an invitation for someone to sneak in and scoop up whatever’s available. Camera’s, iPads, cellphones, laptops and wallets should be stored out of sight at all times. It is also important not to leave bicycles unchained and in plain view.

Greyton has no car guards and only a few beggars. Please do not support begging! The Greyton Red Cross society does wonderful work for the poor and anyone wishing to help can make a direct donation by visiting the Red Cross shop in the Main Rd. Please be assured that we are deeply concerned about the impact of crime in our village and are doing everything in our power to fight it. Although if offers little consolation, we do know that crime is a countrywide problem and our only hope of changing this is to accept that we all have a role to play in eradicating this scourge.

Greyton has a committed police chief and a newly established Neighbourhood Watch. For your own peace of mind, we would suggest that you save these telephone numbers to your cell phone, so that you have these number handy :

Genadendal Police Station – 028 251 1002
Station Commander Captain Gustav Tamboer – 082 778 6775
Greyton Neigbourhood Watch Alan Armstrong – 082 655 3213
Greyton Security Services – 028 254 9555
Ghost Worldwide Security Geoff Cloete – 071 314 3604
Greyton Tourism Roslyn Petersen – 082 647 8696


Please take note that the use of any of our accommodation facilities, inclusive of everything it offers, are entirely at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any incidents or accidents occurring inside or outside areas. No refunds or compensation of any nature can be claimed. Safeguarding of your personal belongings will be entirely your own responsibility and making use of any of the facilities will be exclusively at your own risk.


Although we take the utmost care to provide our guests with truthful descriptions/information and photographs of our cottages, we cannot be held responsible for any disappointments or unfulfilled expectations. We will however, appreciate your feed-back to assist us to ensure that the necessary changes are made to completely reflect what each establishment is offering.