Crystal Clear Healing

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Crystal and Reiki Healing:

Historically, crystals are touted as natural, ancient forms of medicine.  Reiki is a healing modality and combined with crystals, allows for a powerful, effective and holistic experience.  You can expect significant energy infusion, a deep-dive into the self, a feeling of expansion, connection and oneness with the universe, pain relief, stress reduction, supreme relaxation, peacefulness and a return to hope and renewal, ultimately bringing balance and wellness back into your everyday life and enhancing your own body’s inherent healing capacity.

Rife Frequency Treatment:

Rife sessions work on the premise of using vibrational energy to correct a vast number of health disorders caused by bacterial and fungal organisms.  By sending the same frequencies back to these pathogens, they absorb so much energy that they ‘explode’ and also provide the necessary bio-energy to the body’s immune system, allowing the body to strengthen its own defences against infections and micro-organisms.